Going Viral On Social Media In Six Easy Steps: A Complete Guide

We may have mentioned it before, but today it's easier than ever to go viral on social media.

Whether you are a big brand, a small business, or a digital creator sharing tips or artistic skills with your followers, the same principle applies and anyone can be viral on social media.

Every day, millions of users use social networks.

For some, it's a form of education and a collection of useful tips and tricks; for others, it's a form of relaxation and distraction from the usual daily routine.

As long as they are used wisely and in moderation, social media are an extremely fruitful platform for growth and expansion, whether business or personal.

Under the starry skies of social media, all digital creators would love to go viral. There’s a common question: how do make something go viral and ensure content becomes popular?

While there is no magic formula for how to go viral, there are general tricks and tips that can take your content to the heights of the social media realm.

Through this text, we will get to know what an algorithm is, what is viral social media, and how you go viral on social media.

What does it mean to go viral on social media?

What does it mean to go viral on social media?

Imagine a small snow globe rolling down a slope. If a group of snowflakes takes and maintains a good direction, more snow accumulates on it so you end up with a large, massive snowball.

If your content takes a good direction and falls into the right algorithm, whether you like it or not, it will be shown to many people, resulting in a lot of views, likes, comments, and saves – just like a massive snowball.

Viral on social media means that your post or video spreads very quickly on social networks and reaches a large number of users.

Viral on social media also means that your content has a very large number of views, likes, and comments or has been shared very often from the moment it was posted, all in a short period.

With viral content, the numbers skyrocket, so here we are talking about content with over 100 thousand to several million interactions.

In addition to reaching your followers, viral content also reaches people who don't follow you.

If you go viral on social media, your content will become very popular, which in itself is very good marketing if you want to stand out or promote your products and services on social platforms.

Also, you can always try Facebook lead generation advertising to go viral on social media.

His Majesty's algorithm

The following situation has probably happened to you before. You are scrolling through social media and your attention is drawn to the content of a particular author. The post you saw is interesting, useful, and entertaining.

After a short while, your friend sends you the same post and shares his joy with you. No, no one has tapped your phone. Your friend and you simply got caught up in an algorithm that shows you similar or identical posts based on your interests.

The algorithm controls social media. It is a set of data and rules that determine what shows up in the feed on social platforms.

Based on user experience, the algorithm collects data about social media usage and selects what content to show you. The social media algorithm combines different data and signals based on the content that is shown to you.

The content displayed to you depends mainly on what the user interacts with. The algorithm also tracks what you liked, commented, and saved, but also which posts you stayed on longer.

What you pay attention to on social media is likely to become part of your daily feed. In some cases, viral content will reach you regardless of whether it is in your sphere of interest.

"Hack" the algorithm through 6 steps

"Hack" the algorithm through 6 steps

Follow trends on social media

On social media, trends change from day to day. From serious to funny topics, a lot is going on out there. When one of the digital creators finds out how to make something go viral, a really large number of people can find the content, so it becomes viral and synonymous with the trend.

Due to the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that generally prevails in social media, people are obsessed with viral random jokes that pop up from your fridge that you can see every time you enter one of the social platforms.

For this reason, it is important to always follow the trends if you want to become a digital creator and find out how to make a post go viral.


With the help of hashtags, you can quickly sort your content according to users' interests and detect how it becomes viral. This is especially true for those of you wondering how to go viral on TikTok and how to go viral on Instagram.

For example, let us say you are interested in a certain brand of car. In addition to going to the official website of the desired car and looking at the details, you can also see it on social networks, in relaxed less formal circumstances.

In this case, the algorithm of social media sorts your interest towards a certain car brand and they will likely show you the same or similar models in the following period.

Follow the virtual music

Viral sounds and music are a must when creating content for social media, especially when you want to know how to make a video viral on social media. A lot of videos go viral on social media just because the content creator has used music that is hot right now.

Video content - Go viral and connect platforms

Video content is one of the best and easiest ways to go viral on social media. It has been proven that video content is much easier to follow and that it offers much more than standard forms of images or text posts.

No matter what the video is about, if you master how to make a video viral on social media, and make it creative and entertaining, accompanied with music that is currently viral and trending, your video is likely to reach a large number of people.

For YouTube, for example, you can create longer and more complex videos from which you can extract clips for TikTok or Instagram. You can subtitle the video, and play with editing, but also add interesting sound and visual effects.

Engage influencers

Another way to go viral is to hire influencers to promote your product or service and link your account. This is one of the best marketing strategies today and one of the answers on going viral. Influencer partnerships allow you to take advantage of people who are already known on social media.

Call to action hack

The key to good marketing is a cleverly worded call to action. From simply asking users if they agree with your content to organizing a giveaway, interacting through a call to action is a surefire way to go viral on social media. This can be a great moment to engage users in your activities.

Encourage users by asking them to respond in the comments. Encourage them to tag someone who needs to see this content, or remind them to save the post for later. Whichever call to action you choose, you won't go wrong. Sharing and tagging will draw an additional audience to your profile.

How to go viral on Tiktok

Six points above, we have covered the universal formula for viral success on social media, but on the TikTok social network more than anywhere else, the rules of trending, viral music, and appropriate hashtags apply.

However, here are some additional things that can help you go viral on TikTok:

  • Analyze what's going viral and match content to trends
  • Save the sounds of viral content
  • Create original audio that users can use
  • Create and post content regularly
  • Interact with your followers and other profiles

How to go viral on Instagram

The same rules apply to how to go viral on Instagram as they do to how to go viral on TikTok. But here are a few differences on how to become viral on Instagram:

  • Organize a giveaway contest where you showcase some of your services and products with a corresponding call to action
  • Leverage the power of paid ads that can help you go viral on Instagram
  • Partner with other popular influencer profiles
  • Analyze your audience and customize your content
  • Publish content regularly through posts and stories


Social networks change very quickly.

What was fashionable today may be irrelevant and boring tomorrow. However, with a little luck, a good algorithm, and basic principles, your content can easily go viral on social media.

Since there is no magic formula to go viral every time, it is important to stay in the game and have fun. What was successful with one user may be useless for you.

Experiment, follow the algorithm, and adjust the times and days when your audience is most active. Following up and reposting content that has been well received can also be very rewarding.

Finally, it's important to create content that promotes quality values and is fun to read as you try to overcome the algorithm wave in the social media ocean.