How to Create Engaging Short Video Content for social media

In the age of social media, it’s easier than ever to get noticed. If you have ever wondered how to make your company or brand name go viral – you have come to the right place!

In this blog article, we will show you how to create engaging, short videos for social media that will help you grow your business.

All you need is good content in the form of short social media videos and voila - everyone will know about your brand name.

Going viral means your business or brand name is high on social media and with the obtained reach - your brand speaks for itself.

Why short social media videos are so popular these days?

Let’s face it. 

As we scroll through social media, we are surrounded by hundreds of different pieces of content. If your brand's policy is to create great content, but only in graphic or text form, you may not be on the right track. 

Social media videos are just easy to follow. If you create short social media videos with great content, you are likely to get more attention from your potential customers.

Making short social media videos can help you get along with this.

How can I create social media videos if I’m not professional?

Let’s get something straight - you don’t have to be a pro at creating social media videos, and you don't need expensive equipment to do it. 

Most smartphones today have great filming and recording options, so this is not a problem. 

Depending on the type, short videos for social media can be: 

  • Videos with people involved - Short social media videos of people presenting/using products or services  
  • Product videos - A type of social media video that is usually a standard form of filming a product or service with an aesthetic background and music
  • Illustrative videos with voice-overs or titles - A type of video with illustrative native graphic content in motion (combination of graphic illustration, text, photos, and videos)

Seven guidelines to create amazing video content

Seven guidelines to create amazing video content

Before diving into the waters of social media, learn about the platform you plan to post your content. 

Some of the most popular networks today are TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin. Each of these social networks has its policy and way of sorting the content it plans to post. 

With this information, let us start with the following seven basic guidelines that will help you create video content for social media like a pro, even if you are a beginner.

1. Create amazing content for your short social media videos 

The right approach to creating short social media videos is to stick to the content

You may be wondering how to create video content for social media if you have no experience. 

The answer is simple. 

You want to take on the role of a mini-movie director and see your content as a scenario that unites all the important segments of the topic you are presenting in a short social media video. 

It is always recommended to write down the main idea of the topic and brainstorm to define what you want to present with it.

2. Your short social media video should tell a story

Your short social media video should tell a story

The content for a social media video should be created wisely. 

It must be interesting and memorable, but also sufficiently informative, while providing some benefit. 

In simple words: your social media video needs to tell a story about your brand. 

If you can’t get along with creating video content, you can always hire a content creator to do it for you.

3. Target your audience

Your short social media video content needs to be customized to your audience. 

Before you start changing it and creating video - define your niche. 

Determine the gender, age range, and interests of your niche and tailor the content to the results you get. 

Monitoring your audience's activity can also give you additional information, such as when and on what day you should post a video to social media.

4. Film it like a pro

When the content is ready – the filming can begin! Whether you are filming a video with people involved or just a product – adjust the lighting. 

The product or person should be shot in front of a natural light source, or you can use a spotlight or a ring light. 

The second important point is to use a camera stabilizer – we certainly don’t want shaky results! If you use your smartphone, it can be a longer version of the phone holder. 

Third, but no less important is related to videos with people. Isolate the room you are filming in from background noise and make sure the recording device is near the person who is talking.

5. Video editing

Video editing

Video editing is the name of the game when creating short videos for social media. 

Video editing is where all the magic begins! From static and boring footage, you can create high-quality interactive videos that are very interesting and entertaining. 

Funny or dramatic voice effects and transition sounds will make your video more likable to watch. You can also adjust color, light, or video quality or insert bloopers for a more informal approach. 

You can edit videos by yourself with free video software or you can hire a video editor.

6. Don’t forget the subtitles

Subtitling should never be neglected. It may cost you extra work, but it will be worth it. 

First of all, videos with subtitles increase your target audience and can be viewed by people with hearing problems. 

Another important reason for setting up subtitles is that many people prefer to watch social media videos without sound, especially if they are in a noisy environment while watching a video.

7. SEO optimization of short social media videos

One of the most important points for SEO optimization of videos for social media is precisely the insertion of subtitles, which we have already mentioned. 

Including subtitles will lead to easier indexing and your video being found more easily. Setting a good title and determining the general themes that make up the content of your video is also important for good optimization.


Whether you are starting a business or have been in the game for a while, we can not neglect the impact of social media. Having an online presence on social media means cultivating a great social engagement and exposing your brand to a large number of people.

And what's the best way to keep your brand active on social media other than short video content?

With short video content, it's easier than ever to go viral on social platforms. With creative ideas, a great story, and good organizational skills, your video will be popular and well-received on social networks.

You can film your team members at work, show your products in action, or give free advice with a vivid video. The choice is yours!

Of course, do not neglect to always improve what you are promoting. While you are working on improving your products or services, your video content on social media will be marketing for you at the same time.